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Hello Lovely Spirits

Welcome to Ryan Divine!  My purpose is to provide clarity and guidance through intuitive psychic readings.  Whether you are looking for spiritual counseling, love and relationship guidance, clarity on career path or overall life direction, I am here to help you on your journey.  We all have our own unique gifts and talents to offer the world.  I choose to share mine to help others who are searching for understanding and to assist them in improving their lives.  I also specialize in dream analysis and manifestation spell work.  Helping others is a core passion of mine and it only grows stronger with every reading.  I’m looking forward to connecting with you.  Can’t wait to meet!

Much Love, Ryan

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March 23rd - March 26th
St. Augustine, Florida
Hosted by Ryan Divine and Justin Divine

Hello beautiful souls!  This spring, we are hosting a spiritual retreat right in the sunshine state of Florida!  We will be taking part in multiple modalities and healing techniques while tapping into your own inner power.  Guided meditation, breathwork/yoga, channeling, collective and individual energy healing, new moon ceremony, astrology and more.  This is a place and time for us to all connect with one another and ourselves on a deeper, more meaningful level to share, heal, empower, and raise our vibrations.  This retreat will focus heavily on reflection, healing, and stepping forward into what you want to bring in for your future.  All accommodations are already set and included with the package.  It is first come, first serve with 8 of 14 total spots remaining.  Want to join the fun?  Send me a message and let's connect!  Love you all!



I am a firm believer in the metaphysical and spiritual worlds and believe those two exist parallel to the physical.  Perception of these energies outside of the physical plane is where my psychic ability lies.  I also believe that everyone has their own set of psychic abilities, and this is where I’ve found mine.  I’ve exercised my gifts throughout the years to help many, and have done well over a thousand readings to date.  I feel that we are all capable of much more than the limitations of our own immediate environments, and I strive to help others realize the same through my readings, sessions and manifestations. Apart from that, I enjoy the simple pleasures of life.